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Cansen is a professional cam switch supplier. Our cam switches are mainly used with electrical circuits with an alternating current of 50Hz, rated working voltage below 440V, direct voltage below 240V, and a rated current of 315A.
Normal working conditions

Working temperature should be lower than +40℃, and 24h average temperature should be lower than +35℃;
Working temperature should be higher than -25℃;
Altitude of the installation place should be lower than 2000m;
When the temperature is +40℃, the humidity level should be under 50%; while humidity level can be higher when temperature is low, for example, 90% at 20℃. Some special measures should be taken to deal with the condensation caused by temperature change.

We own higher standard
Long term test

Cansen switches have been granted TUV, UL, CL certificates, and meet RoHS2.0 environment requirements and IEC60947-3 standards.

Flexible installation

Our LW30 series switches are designed with modules, which can be assembled according to the specific needs of your equipment.

Safe protection

A protection shield is provided in the standard fittings of the switch to prevent accidentally touching any electrical parts when operating.

Fire retardant shield

The switch is equipped with a PC shield, ensuring great insulation and high temperature resistance.

Customized panel and handle

Cansen can customize the panels and handles according to customer requirements

Thicker connector

A thick copper sheet is used to connect the sides, ensuring great conductivity and will not slip out when wires are accessed.

Rotary Cam Switches Manufacturer Since 1981

Switches are small parts of machinery, but their quality and function should not be ignored. Cansen is a professional rotary switch supplier,founded back in 1981. Since then, we have been dedicated to the production of superior quality switches. To manufacture high-quality switches, we start by creating compatible switch fittings in which we design and produce each copper connecting sheet by ourselves. Knowing that safety is the most important factor in the design and operation of step cam switches, we inspect the switches multiple times during and after production, testing for things like mechanical endurance, proof tracking, fire resistance, and more. If you need help finding the right switch for your equipment, contact us for assistance.

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