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WenZhou Changjiang Electrical Appliance Factory (Cansen) has been a dependable cam switch manufacturer and supplier dating back to 1981. When our company was originally founded, we produced LW2 and LW5 series switches, earning the recognition and trust of customers in various industries. This was thanks to the high quality materials and excellent safety performance of the products. After further development, we introduced the LW26 series cam switch that offered a larger range of application. The product could be used as a control or cam switch, meaning it was a substitute for many different types of switches. To meet the various switch needs of our customers, we produce a wide range of cam switches.

Our rotary switches satisfy CCC, TUV, UL, CE certificates, etc. Our products meet RoHS2.0 environment requirements and IEC60947-3 standards. Our team is equipped for outstanding quality control management, and they can analyze and solve potential problems before the products ever reach a customer. In addition to that, we can also customize the switches according to customer designs and requirements.