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On-Off Cam Switch

An on-off cam switch is the main power supply switch for the machine, turning the equipment on and off. You can easily install the switches in 22.5mm circular holes. All switches provided by Cansen are UL and TÜV certified and meet IEC standards. They can be used for 1, 3, 3R, and IP65 protection grade models.

Models available

Cansen provides different current rotary switches according to the machine power and pole of the equipment. On-off cam switch actuators can be rotated to two positions, with which steps can be chosen for 30°, 45°, 60°, or 90°. Cansen can also customize the switches according to your design needs.

  • Circuit control switch
  • Test switch
  • Motor control switch
  • Main switch
  • Welder changeover switch
Available panel and handle
Panel models
  • On-Off Cam SwitchM0
  • On-Off Cam SwitchM1
  • On-Off Cam SwitchM2
  • On-Off Cam SwitchM3
  • On-Off Cam SwitchM4
Handle models
  • On-Off Cam SwitchR type
  • On-Off Cam SwitchR2 type
  • On-Off Cam SwitchF type
  • On-Off Cam SwitchH type
  • On-Off Cam SwitchP type
  • On-Off Cam SwitchI type
  • On-Off Cam SwitchB type
  • On-Off Cam SwitchL type
  • On-Off Cam SwitchO type
  • On-Off Cam SwitchK type

Each time you operate the machine, power switches will be rotated. You may never be aware of how high the frequency you operate switches. Even a small failure of the on-off cam switch will bring a big trouble for operators. So Cansen values a lot on switches durability and longevity, ensuring each switch can be used for at least 100,000 times.

Cansen has produced rotary cam switches since 1981. We have accumulated significant production experience in these years. We can provide you the switches according to your needs. Please contact us directly for customization.

Rotary Cam Switches Manufacturer Since 1981

Switches are small parts of machinery, but their quality and function should not be ignored. Cansen is a professional rotary switch supplier,founded back in 1981. Since then, we have been dedicated to the production of superior quality switches. To manufacture high-quality switches, we start by creating compatible switch fittings in which we design and produce each copper connecting sheet by ourselves. Knowing that safety is the most important factor in the design and operation of step cam switches, we inspect the switches multiple times during and after production, testing for things like mechanical endurance, proof tracking, fire resistance, and more. If you need help finding the right switch for your equipment, contact us for assistance.