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On-Off Cam Switch 1 Pole 2 Position

You can choose the following rotary switches according to your equipment’s installation method. If the models listed do not satisfy your needs, Cansen can produce rotary switches with different currents for each installation method. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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On-Off Cam Switch 1 Pole 2 Position

Models of On-Off Cam Switch
  • Cam switch is equipped with IP20 protection shield, which can prevent dust erosion in the working area when operation;
  • Rated current is from 10A to 160A;
  • Switch is equipped with one pole;
  • Letters on the panel are processed by laser making machine, and will not be abrasive after long time use;
  • UL certified switch, guaranteeing the safety.

Rotary Cam Switches Manufacturer Since 1981

Switches are small parts of machinery, but their quality and function should not be ignored. Cansen is a professional rotary switch supplier,founded back in 1981. Since then, we have been dedicated to the production of superior quality switches. To manufacture high-quality switches, we start by creating compatible switch fittings in which we design and produce each copper connecting sheet by ourselves. Knowing that safety is the most important factor in the design and operation of step cam switches, we inspect the switches multiple times during and after production, testing for things like mechanical endurance, proof tracking, fire resistance, and more. If you need help finding the right switch for your equipment, contact us for assistance.

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